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AA European Design Provides the Best Window Treatments

A window treatment might seem excessive to some homeowners. After you’ve already spent time decorating, why worry about windows? Windows take care of themselves, don’t they?

Windows are often overlooked by decorators and designers in the Woodstock area. We at AA European Design aren’t sure why. Windows are an excellent space for exploring different combinations of texture, color, pattern, and more. Think of your window treatment as a retractable wall!

A quality home window treatment can compliment your furniture or flooring. AA European Design can even alter the ambiance of a room with a stylish choice of curtain or blind.

Designer Window Blinds in Woodstock

A custom window treatment by the quality designers at AA European Design can give your room the finishing touch it was missing.

There are more than just curtains to choose from. There are a variety of high-quality window coverings to choose from in the Woodstock area. How about window blinds? Window blinds are one the most sought-after types of window coverings in the modern home.

Window blinds come in many styles. You can choose Venetian blinds, Victorian-era blinds, and more. Some of the other benefits of blinds include:

  • Light Control: Blinds allow you to control the amount of light that enters your room in a way that is impossible with curtains. Blinds can be adjusted so that light and air can enter a room without compromising your sense of privacy.
  • Air Flow: Curtains can limit ventilation and make a room stuffy. But with blinds this is never an issue. When you have blinds in your home or business air can flow more freely.
  • Less Dust: Curtains can house lots of dust if they’re not regularly cleaned. If curtains aren’t properly ventilated they can also become covered by mold and mildew. Blinds are easier to clean than curtains, which will allow for quick removal of dust or stains.

Venetian Blinds and Shutters in Woodstock

After deciding to decorate your home with blinds instead of curtains you still have other decisions to make. Do you want brown timber blinds? Faux wood blinds? The sky is the limit with blinds! When you work with AA European Design, we make sure you are aware of every option available to you. We have excellent relationships with custom blind manufacturers as well as blind retailers. Any penny we saved because of our savvy business practices will be a penny you save as well.

Venetian blinds are known for their clean, simplistic, and minimalist look. They are commonly made from wood but these days many companies also make aluminum Venetian blinds. Venetian blinds made from Timber are also a popular choice for homeowners and businesses in the Woodstock area. Venetian blinds can give your home a natural feeling while also complimenting the existing features. Most wooden blinds can also be stained or painted to achieve a variety of different shades and colors.

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