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AA European Design: Best Shutters in Woodstock

AA European Design’s mission is to be the most full-service window treatment service in the Woodstock region.

Every home is different, and within those homes are unique windows. When you’re looking to add privacy, curb appeal and elegant ambiance to your home AA European Design never wants you to feel limited. Some decorators don’t understand you or your home’s personality. But not AA European Design. We take the time to get to know your home before we transform it with deluxe shutters, blinds, or drapes.

If you are looking for a consistent window treatment throughout your home to boost your curb appeal, we will help you find the perfect décor medley.

Window Shutters are the Safe Choice!

Windows are often overlooked in the worlds of interior design and interior decorating, but in reality, they are one of the most classic window treatments available. Shutters are extremely versatile and can even be installed on your home’s exterior! Interior shutters have the benefit of easy-access for adjustments, while exterior shutters protect your windows from storm conditions.

Window shutters can protect your home, but did you know they can also increase the safety of your small children?

You might think we are just making stuff up, but we mean it. Shutters, unlike other window treatments, do not have dangling strings or cords that infants or small children can pull (or get tangled up in!) Drapes, vertical blinds and mini-blinds often have pull-cords or strings which just makes for another household worry. With shutters, there are no worries!

Plantation Shutters in Your Woodstock Windows

At AA European Design, we can’t recommend plantation shutters enough. Plantation shutters provide your home with that classic and attractive look while also adding real long-term value to your Woodstock property.

If you’re looking for a beautiful window treatment, you cannot go wrong with plantation window shutters. Whether they’re white or have a natural stain, they will make a home go from ordinary to elegant in the blink of an eye. Plantation shutters also provide your home with excellent air quality. The adjustment-feature of shutters allows you to control air-flow. Other window treatments such as blinds offer this feature, but they come with drawbacks. When you have blinds over an open window they can rattle because of the wind. Plantation shutters, however, do not have this problem because plantation shutters are sturdy and will never rattle.

Plantation shutters are energy savers, as well! Plantation shutters provide excellent insulation to your home while also deflecting sunlight. Are you looking to transition to an eco-friendly and green smart-home? Maybe shutters are right for you.

Lastly, when it comes to privacy, plantation shutters trump drapes, without question. Like other sought-after window treatments, you can adjust shutters in such a way that you can see out of the house, but no one can see inside of it.

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