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AA European Design: The Best Drapery Options in Woodstock

If your home decorating project has started to overwhelm you, why not start small? Start by choosing the right window treatment for your home.

Though you might not notice window treatments in other people’s homes right away, you most certainly notice when someone doesn’t have one. A bare window can make a room feel cold —both figuratively and literally—and empty.

Two of the most popular kinds of window treatments are drapes and curtains. We thought we would take some time to tell you more about drape window treatments, or drapery.

What Are the Differences Between Curtains and Drapes?

‘Are drapes the same as curtains?’ is a question we hear all the time at AA European Design.

Although curtain and drapes both cover windows, they are still quite different. Many people use the words interchangeably, but if you are dealing with residential decorators like AA European Design, they will know the difference. If they don’t know the difference, that’s your cue to leave!

Drapes are typically made of a very heavy fabric and are lined. They’re used for blocking out light, cold air as well as hot air, and for creating privacy. Drapes are often considered more formal than curtains.

Curtains, on the other hand, are usually made from a lighter fabric. Because of the lighter, sheer fabric, they do not block out light or provide homeowners with much privacy.

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Benefits of Installing Drapes in Your Woodstock Home

There are many benefits to having drapes in your Woodstock home. Not all of them are obvious. AA European Design decided that we would take some time to outline a few of these benefits for you. After you read these, we are confident you’ll know whether drapes are right for your home or not.

  • They’re Durable: With proper maintenance, quality window draperies can outlast curtains or other second-rate options.
  • They’re Thermal: While it may not get too cold in Georgia, it can still get a little cooler than we would like from time to time. When the temperature does drop, you’ll be grateful you have drapes in your home. Drapes are thick, which means that they will keep cool air inside of your home and keep the sunlight out!
  • Noise Reducers: Drapes help reduce the amount of noise pollution that can creep into your home. Drapes are essential if you live in a busy neighborhood.
  • The Elegant Choice: Drapes will add a touch of class to your Woodstock home.

Mix and Match Window Treatments With AA European Design

Remember: You don’t need to commit to one style of window treatment for all your windows. You might want vertical blinds for your patio door, but do you want those for your living room? Plantation shutters are perfect for a bay window, but when it comes to your bedroom window you likely want drapes. Drapes provide a room with privacy and quiet that is unmatched by any other window treatment.

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